The DUPLO zoo was well received at BWIndy over the weekend. There were a few people who didn’t give it a serious look because it was “just DUPLO,” but many of the event’s youngest attendees were captivated by it. It was a lot of fun watching little faces light up when they saw the DUPLO (especially if they had just been fussy because they were tired and ready to leave). Apparently the vendors also liked my display, as they sold much more DUPLO than is typical at a show. I also received positive feedback from AFOLs in other LUGs which were there. I even had one AFOL ask if I was bringing the DUPLO zoo the BWChicago. DUPLO is a different beast than LEGO, but I think we should definitely include a DUPLO display (or more than one) at BWFW 2019. I have more animals–including dinosaurs–than I had room to display, but it was a collaborative (so there would be spots I’d need to fill in for Fort Wayne). Here are a couple of photos from the zoo.

Here’s a couple more.



And some more.



Wow! It looks great! Sorry I missed its public debut :confused:

It’s easy to forget about DUPLO if you’re older than 6. Having a DUPLO display at BWFW would really help us stand out - plus I would really like to see it - so by all means let’s make this happen.

Kim this looks great! Hopefully the show went well and setup/teardown was not too difficult. How much attention did this get … Was it mostly younger or older “kids” that liked it more? I agree with Geoff this would be unique to have at BWFW!