Newest NYC Modular

Just finished my latest modular based off of a couple adjacent buildings in New York City. If you frequent r/lego on Reddit you’ve probably seen this one.

The tan building has a music store and a dojo on the ground floor and an art studio and undeveloped space on the second and third floors. The dark red building has a Lego store on the ground floor and will probably feature a couple of luxury apartments on floors 2-4.

I still need to finish the floors and the roof…just waiting on a few Bricklink orders (I know, I know…the story of our lives, eh?)


This looks great! I would like to make it a part of the City at Brickworld this year if you’re willing to display it.

This looks good. Is this your entry for the stud challenge?

Possibly. Guess we’ll see next Saturday :smiley:

I absolutely cant wait to see what people built. It has been 6 months… way too ling in my opinion.