Studsville Engraving Theft

Hey everyone,

Tim that owns Studsville Engraving had his trailer stolen with his entire Studsville display in it. He hadn’t displayed it in a few years at Brickworld. So some of you might not have seen it. Custom tables. Buttons kids would press to make stuff happen. Overall cool.

Some AFOLs got together earlier today and decided to get a go fund me started to help Tim out.

If you have a few spare dollars, anything would be appreciated. Send Tim some help and support, organized by Jeff Fulara

Alternatively, if you need some engraved bricks, now would be a good time to get them ordered.

Thanks for your consideration.

Could we order some #studsville bricks and display them at Brick world to get the word out? Could easily put a qr code on the table to a GoFundMe or whatever

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What bricks would you order? Brickworld is selling Brickworld 1x8 bricks engraved by Tim. Maybe make the QR code to get to Tim’s website with a little explanation of what he does and why now is a good time to order…then, bring it to the show and ask Mark if you can put it out… I am sure the answer will be yes