I don’t actually have it built yet, but here is what I’ve designed so far in StudIO. I’d like to incorporate a loading dock(s) with garage door, but I’m not yet sure what height it should be to properly align with semi-trailers. Chad has a Toys ‘R’ Us semi, I think. I wonder what it’s dimensions are… I have plans to add another layer with more decorative elements to cap off the building. Let me know in the comments what you think.

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Here’s a quick render of my idea for the third story. I had difficulty getting the layers to stack for some reason, but you get the idea.


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I like the look of this!

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Excellent work, Kim! I’m working on mapping the Brickworld 2019 City and I’d love to include this if you can get it built in time. It looks like it’s on 2 48x48 baseplates. Is that correct? If not please post its baseplate dimensions so I can fit it in.

Here is an updated render of my warehouse design. I don’t have the loading bays designed yet, but the plan is for them to go where the front door originally was. In this version I moved the entrance to the side and added a wheelchair ramp. Geoff, this occupies 2 48x48 baseplates (sorry for the delayed response). I might fill the interior with a rock climbing gym, but if I don’t get to that this year it could be an abandoned warehouse.


It is completed (mostly)! I just need to add a few finishing details to complete the climbing gym.